The Importance of Continual Learning for Business Leaders

May.21.2017 Business Resources

In his book, Coach Wooden One-On-One, renowned basketball coach, John Wooden, emphasized the importance of being a lifelong learner. “I believe you ought to learn as if you’re going to live forever, but you ought to live as if you’re going to die tomorrow. If I’ve learned anything in my ninety-plus years, I have come to understand that it’s what you learn after you know it all that really matters,” wrote Wooden.

Leaders are Learners

You have probably heard the expression, “leaders are readers.” While reading is a great way to expand your knowledge, everyone learns differently. The important thing is your unwavering commitment to becoming more effective in your leadership. Coach Wooden also said, “If I am ever through learning, I am through.” If you want to tap into this same passion for lifelong learning, consider these three areas of opportunity:


  1. Learning Professionally: As a leader of a company, you have likely already achieved some level of success in your chosen career. Whether in the classroom or on the job, consider the role that education played in your journey. Training is not just for the novice; open your eyes to the immense opportunities for expanding your business knowledge. Consider enrolling in classes, webinars, conferences that focus on your weak spots.


  1. Learning Personally: Personal growth opportunities are all around you. What are the specific ways that you would like to grow this year? Perhaps you’d like to work on the relationships in your life? Your physical fitness or diet? A hobby that you love but never make the time for? Or even learning to speak a new language? The possibilities are endless if you choose to apply yourself.


  1. Learning Spiritually: You may identify as a Christian business leader, but are you growing in your relationship with the Lord? Do you know him more intimately today than you did years ago? If not, reading or listening to Scripture can help rekindle that fire in your heart. Commit to spending time in His word and praying before each day. Furthermore, make time for ministry. What can you do through your business that makes an impact on others and glorifies God?


Discipline for Growth

Growing in these three areas requires discipline and diligence. In order to maximize your learning, you must also surround yourself with people that will encourage you, challenge you, and hold you accountable to your goals. C12 members take one day off each month to work “on” their businesses, rather than “in” them.